*SPECIAL SALE* 1 Lb French Fingerling Seed Potatoes - CERTIFIED NON-GMO SEED POTATO

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1 LB French Fingerling Seed Potatoes

- Certified Seed Potato



- You will receive 1 pounds of French Fingerling certified seed potatoes.
- These are NOT store bought and are specially checked for disease. 
- Perfect option for spring and summer planting.
- Potatoes grow from other potatoes, therefore this is the "seed" for planting and growing potato.

** Be careful buying potatoes from the "store/grocery" for planting. These potatoes can contain disease. EVEN POTATOES LABELED CERTIFIED ORGANIC! **

Wiki Info:

Its rose-colored skin is thin and smooth with some shallow eyes and spotting. Its flesh, a marbling of pink and ivory, stays firm and waxy even when cooked. French fingerlings offer a robust, earthy and buttery flavor, and the entire potato, skin and all is edible.


Potatoes ship in the Spring, Early Summer, and Fall.  If you place an order during the winter, it will ship in the spring.

Please e-mail if you need additional information. :)