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Caladium (white) is a fancy large leafed white, caladium with pronounced dark green veining.

Caladium leaves are combinations of red, pink, green and/or white, with colored midribs and contrasting backgrounds and borders.

The varied leaf colors and patterns create many uses for caladiums in the landscape.  


Caladiums are hardy only to Zone 10 (30°F), and the tubers can be dug and stored indoors in colder climates.

When the foliage yellows and droops in fall, lift the tubers with the foliage still attached, clean them of excess soil, and allow them to air-dry in a warm, sunny location.

When the foliage breaks away freely from the tubers, pack them in lightly moistened peat moss or sand and keep them in a dry, well-ventilated place where the temperature is cool (50°-60°F).

Caladiums can also be used as a houseplant. Use 3 tubers in a 6-inch pot.


Plant tubers 2 inches below the surface using light garden soil.

Water sparingly until first leaves appear.

They may be transplanted after flowering.