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ORANGE GIANT CANNA PLANT - Bulbs For Spring Flower Planting

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The huge bronze-purple veined leaves of Giant Orange Canna make a bold statement in any garden.

Then, in late summer when bold flowers are scarce enjoy these, warm, flamboyantly colored apricot-orange flowers.

The petals are slightly frilled and appear on long stalks above the striking foliage.


Cannas bring a touch of the tropics to wherever they are planted.

These exotic looking plants are indispensable for a splendid summer border bursting with drama.

Their size, bright, showy flowers, and foliage patterns ensure that your Cannas will stand out.

Cannas make a great centerpiece in bedding schemes and large containers.


Cannas are hardy only to Zone 10 (30°F), and the tubers can be dug and stored indoors in colder climates.


Plant in spring, after the ground, warms to about 50º F.

1. Dig a hole 2-4" deep.

2. Place rhizome in the hole.

3. Cover with soil and water thoroughly.


Cannas thrive in sunlight, heat, and humidity.

Give Cannas plenty of water during the growing season.


Space plants 12-18" apart.

Plant heights 4-6'.


Canna should be lifted before the first frost of fall in areas where the ground freezes.

Dig, dry-off then place rhizomes in a well ventilated frost-free place for the winter.